Breastfeeding Support

$175 for up to 4 hours of assistance

Breastfeeding can be one of the most emotionally challenging, yet rewarding experiences a mother ever has the privilege to accept. And along with the relationship that is built between mother and baby, your baby will receive the very best, complete nutrition possible.

The need that your new baby has to be breastfed goes far beyond the excellent nutrition. Your baby needs that time close to you. They need that touch, that skin-to-skin contact. They need to know that you are there to protect them. Your baby needs to hear your heartbeat, feel your warmth and bask in every close moment you give at the breast.

For you, it is a time for rest and relaxation, a time to take a break from the world around you and just enjoy the smell, touch and feel of your baby. This time of bonding is an amazing opportunity for both mother and baby.

It is rewarding to witness the bond grow between a mother and her baby as their nursing relationship matures. Breastfeeding is natural...true enough, but learning to breastfeed is something altogether different. It is our goal to help every new mother succeed at breastfeeding. In addition to being a midwife, Pamela Brott is certified as a Breastfeeding Counselor and offers one-on-one counseling and hands-on support to help mothers master this amazing skill. Often times getting help early is the key to correcting the problem quickly. Waiting too long never makes it impossible, but it does make it much more difficult.

"I believe that many struggles that occur with new mothers can easily be avoided if they have the right support from the very beginning. Learning the best techniques for breastfeeding and practicing positioning even before baby arrives gives an edge when it comes to breastfeeding success. I want to do all I can to contribute to that success. I accept both those who are currently struggling with breastfeeding and those preparing for their upcoming deliveries." - Pamela Brott

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We offer individual consultation and support. Appointments may take place in your home or at our office. This also includes phone support, texts, and online assistance through Facebook and/or email.

Time is deducted as it is used and if more time is needed you can simply purchase an additional 4 hours.

*Some travel expenses may apply for these services. They are handled on a case by case basis.

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