June 2013, March 2015, August 2017

As I reflect back on my most recent labor and delivery journey I can't help but thank God for and amazing husband and midwife. I never felt alone and was always being cared for. My contractions started on a Wednesday but were inconsistent. We did not end up delivering until Friday evening. Pam was amazing! She stayed by my side the entire time, always putting me first. She helped encourage my labor to progress through different natural techniques like walking and position changes. She really went above and beyond. I can't say it enough... I'm so blessed and happy to say that Pam was AMAZING! She is a one-of-a-kind!

November 2016

Our Prenatal Care

We knew we wanted a homebirth with our children and with our first child found one close to home. We thought we were a good fit but really didn't know what to look for or what to ask except basic questions. And we found that with our first midwife was not the best fit for us, though, it was a great and healthy birth experience. When we got pregnant with our second child we knew we still wanted a Midwife and homebirth experience but because of our first experience and other circumstances (living in a motorhome and traveling all over the country) we didn't start looking as soon as we did with our first child. We were thrilled when a friend of ours told us about her midwife, Pamela Brott.

I scoped Pam out by going to a prenatal visit with my friend to see how her bedside manner was. As I saw Pam chat and interact during the visit I was really impressed with her cheerfulness, respect, openness, and love. This first encounter led to me "spilling the beans" or rather letting Pam know that I had a "little bean" growing in me and that we were looking for a Midwife. She took the time right then and there to answer questions I had for her even though my friend was the last prenatal of the day and it was evening. Again, I could feel the care and never felt rushed!

My husband and I then came for a visit to ask more detailed questions concerning the care she gives and her philosophies on childbirth. We found a PERFECT MATCH! One thing about my husband and I, we like to ask questions, do our own research, and make our own decisions about our birth experience. With our first midwife these things seemed to be a threat to her, as though we did not trust her, but not with Pam. I remember telling Pam this and she said, "Well, isn't that what most families who want a homebirth want...to be able to have some control over their care, their body, and their birth experience?!" It was relieving to see we really were on the same page in so many areas.

Something that really impressed us was her wide range of birth experience. She has delivered twins, delivered her own breech baby, among having homebirths herself, and even delivered a baby in a small RV. She has experienced moms needing to go to the hospital and supporting them there as well! The experience she had helped us make our decision.

A few unique things about our family are that we live, full time, in an RV and travel the country. My husband does Bible Seminars. So our prenatals would be more spread out then typical to work around when we would pass through Oklahoma. And also we are completely plant-based. We don't eat dairy or any animal products. With both these concerns Pam was super accommodating. She worked with our schedule and with our diet she never gave judgment! With our Vegan lifestyle she was supportive and yet gave enough input and recommendations to know she cared that I was getting the nutrients necessary...just like she does with every other mama! She was always open to our questions and concerns and even when we wondered what she was doing or writing or what something meant, she freely shared with us. Her openness and patience was such a joy!

All of her prenatal recommendations were always given in a loving and tender way. She always shared her views and what she has researched but also shared other views and options for all aspects of care. This truly helped us to make informed decisions for our family and we never felt forced. The balance of giving freedom to choose our care coupled with the information, knowledge, skills, recommendations, and experience Pam has made the whole homebirth experience wonderful!

Our Birth

I found that I like to labor on my own without much coaching, talking, or assistance. Pam was great about giving me my space. Because of my own miscalculating my high pain tolerance and the quickness of the second baby, I waited too long to give Pam the ok to come on over to our house/RV. When I was ready for Pam to come (she lived an hour away) my husband called her at around midnight telling her my contraction times. They were somewhat irregular in length but consistent. I found out later that Pam heard the times and jumped quickly off the couch and started throwing things in her bag and putting her shoes on. She told me later, "I was running around the house like a wild woman!" She could tell by my contraction times that I was very close to delivery and yet she was still far away from us.

She talked to me though the phone and was able to have me get in a position to help the pushing urge not overwhelm me as she drove to us. Once she was here she was very sensitive to my needs, including my need to push, but also checked the baby's vitals in between contractions. She always asked permission to touch me, which I appreciated. Without going into too many details the birth went great! Our healthy baby boy arrived! Pam gave us time to ourselves with the baby but also did what she needed for our health and wellbeing (and cleaning) after the birth. It was a perfect blend of her being present and available as well as invisible as we basked in the joy of our new baby!

We are not sure if we will have any more children. We have our girl and our boy. But if we do, we will make every effort to be near Pam for our birth! I am almost sad at the thought of not having more children, partly because that means I won't get to talk to Pam or interact with her as our Midwife. I love her sooo much and appreciate her love for us, our baby, and for God! She is an excellent Midwife and I recommend her to anyone wanting a safe and enjoyable homebirth experience!

November 2014

I was determined to have a safe but unhindered birth. After talking with Pam about several issues and frustrations with my OB I switched to her care. I felt valued, cared for and I knew she had my and my baby's best interests at heart. I trusted God's design for birth and was delighted that Pam, too, trusted this perfect design by a perfect Creator.

My son was born 11 days after my due date. It was my desire to let my body go into labor on its own. Although friends and family were anxious I was "overdue," Pam kept calm. She continued to monitor me and my baby. She stayed with me and explained from a physiological standpoint that everything was fine and that she was fine with waiting for my body to trigger labor on its own.

Once labor began Pam was a calm and quiet presence in the room. She got myself and others organized without me even realizing what was going on in the room. This allowed me to stay focused on my labor, which happened pretty fast. During labor I wanted my husband the whole time but Pam quickly stepped in when he was away, then upon his return gave him his spot back. That meant a lot. I labored for 5 hours and then pushed for one hour and my sweet baby was born. Pam really was great and this birth exceeded my expectations.

March 2019

A little background: My previous pregnancy was twins and they unexpectedly came at 25 weeks gestation. They weighed 1lb 3oz and 1lb 7oz. We spent 151 days in the NICU with our sweet girls. It was an experience we wouldn't wish on anyone. But our twins are amazing and healthy and two years old now!

All that to say, throughout this entire pregnancy I prayed that I would go full-term. I prayed for a calm homebirth without complications and without intervention. I just REALLY did not want to end up back at the NICU!! I prayed hard to get to at least 35 weeks.

God met my plea, plus some! It's funny how one's perspective changes, because just as every mother that's approaching 42 weeks, I was DONE. I wanted baby to join me on the outside ASAP!

I went into labor around midnight at 41 weeks + 4 days. My amazing midwife had to miss out on a night of sleep! Of all my labors, six of them now, this labor was the most comfortable and here's why... I kept walking. I refused to sit or lay because I wanted to keep labor progressing. This brought on the contractions for sure but they weren't as painful as lying down. Secondly, I kept eating and drinking and I definitely felt the increased energy (as compared to some of my other labors when I have not ate/ drank very much). Although the contractions did get crazy intense and painful, I DID still have energy! And I credit that to eating and drinking throughout labor! You can do these kinds of things when you stay home to have your baby!

I did finally give in to laying down on the couch for a bit. It slowed my 2-3 minute contractions down to 5-6 minute intervals and when they came, they came like a beast!

I had a choice to make... stay walking/ standing and have milder contractions every 2-3 minutes, or lay down and have utterly awful contractions every 5-6 minutes. I really didn't like either option!

By about 5:30am, it was now intense. With my midwife and hubby applying counterpressure to my low back, I made it through.

Two hours later, when I finally got to the very end, it was a few massive pushes to get baby out. It hurt worse than anything I've ever done! Instead of a slow crowning, it was BOOM. Finally, with the water bursting out/ breaking, the head was born while I was on hands and knees. After a minute or two, I had another contraction and needed to push. This pushed the rest of the baby out. 7:36am Thank God!!!! That pain was sooooo awful and I was soooo happy it was DONE!!! I scooped up baby and we looked to see the gender. I've researched the dangers of ultrasounds and decided against having any routine ones. Thankfully, I had a midwife who also knows the dangers of ultrasounds and doesn't force her clients to get them if they are not needed!

Hubby saw that it was a girl!!! I first saw her head and said, "No wonder that hurt so bad!" Haha, famous first words of a mother!

She was gorgeous and perfect and on her Mama's chest!!! My older 4 kids had been in the room for the past two hours watching and were now taking pictures/ video and admiring her so much! They all wanted to hold her but I had to explain that she was still attached. I laid there for about an hour waiting on the placenta. I finally got up on my knees and the placenta was born within just a few minutes. She got to have all those amazing stem cells and iron from the cord/ placenta since we kept it attached for over an hour.

Adalee Grace was my biggest baby yet, 8lbs, 9oz.

We just can't get over how amazing and adorable and precious and sweet she is! It sure was painful getting her out, but oh so worth it!

The thing that I REALLY loved about this birth was that my midwife, Pam, honored my birth desires fully. I had told her I really don't want any interventions at all, unless absolutely necessary. She stayed quiet and let my body do its thing. She was there when I needed her and gave me space the rest of the time. It is really rare to find a provider that will just let a mother labor without doing vaginal checks, putting a doppler on her, etc. What a jewel Pam was! What an amazing birth experience for my family because of her willingness to cater to our desires!

May 2016, April 2018

With my first labor I wanted a midwife and homebirth. But because of various reasons I compromised and had a hospital midwife. After a very long hard labor and pushing stage, and after having several things done to me that I asked NOT to have done, I ended up with a C-section. It broke me and I began to doubt that my body was designed for childbirth. When I got pregnant again I knew that my best bet for a successful VBAC was a home birth. That was when we found Pam. In the first two appointments we learned more than we had through the entire 9 months with our first.

Pam helped both my husband and me to believe once again that God knew what he was doing when He made me. I went from being terrified that I was going to have a repeat of my first birth to really believing that I could have the VBAC I so desperately wanted and emotionally needed. All the way through my pregnancy Pam helped me to relax and anytime fears came up she would work us through them.

When I went into labor she was there... Not telling me what I wanted to hear, but telling me what I needed to hear to get through my labor. Pam prayed with us and quoted Scripture. That strengthened me. At one point I looked at her and said, "I need an epidural!" She calmly looked around the room then looked back at me and said, "I'm sorry, I don't have one in my bag but God knows what you need and you are strong enough to do this". She helped me find the best position to labor in. For me it was the toilet. Right before the baby came she helped move me into a good squat. I have never experienced pain quite like that but once my daughter was born I felt complete. I felt like my womanhood had been restored after having been lost 4 years earlier. Pam's love, encouragement and toughness was exactly what I needed. After my daughter was born Pam faded into the background so that my husband and I could and with our new baby girl. I'm not sure we could ever find the right way to say thank you, but we are thankful from the bottom of our hearts.

November 2014, October 2017

Because some of my births have been hard to identify until pretty late in the game, we planned to call you at the first signs of labor. My Braxton Hicks contractions had become quite strong and I had bloody show. You came as soon as possible and spent the night at our house since once labor hit it usually goes quickly. Throughout the next day I continued to have those annoying Braxton Hicks. In the afternoon my husband and sister took the kids to the park and you and I had some time to visit and enjoy some peace and quiet. You then went out for a little bit but promised to stay really close by. I walked around, sat outside, read and timed contractions. You returned and by about 6pm my contractions increased in frequency and intensity. I was confused between my desire to deny that I was in labor and my desire to get it over with. I finally had to use the restroom and while in there I decided to have my daughter fill the tub and help me change into the dress I wanted to birth in. While I sat on the toilet and dealt with the contractions you reminded me that all was going wonderfully and that the toilet was a great place to labor. When I got up and washed my hands, the standing position brought on some very strong contractions so I got in the tub to alleviate the discomfort. It worked and the next contraction took a little longer to come. But they were strong and kept coming and pretty quickly I started pushing. I can't describe the huge, crazy, painful feeling of trying to push this baby out. But it felt like the first push didn't do much. Then I threw up! I felt the next contraction bring his head down and without much of a break the next one brought his head out. It was more of the same to get his body out. He was finally out! A big, healthy baby boy! I had a hard time with after pains and bleeding. You did exactly what was needed to help the bleeding stop. I was very thankful for your abilities. After the birth you made sure I was well cared for and getting enough to eat and drink. Pam, you were wonderful for us. You prepared me for my birth and I took great comfort in knowing that you were right here for me.

May 2015

Moving back to the Texoma area and finding out I was pregnant made me nervous. Not because I was having another baby, but because I had a fabulous home birth in Hawaii and didn't know if I would get that experience here. Finding Pam was a life saver. She was a lot of fun to talk to and she never cared if my older kids came along. She was calm and informative during all of my appointments, and had a solid plan in action for when I went into labor since I lived over an hour away from her. Pam really took the time to get to know me, which I really appreciated, and thank goodness she did! I called Pam unsure of if I was really in labor or not, and then forgot to call her when I realized I was. Pam had thankfully known I was in labor from the way I sounded on the phone and was already on her way by the time I remembered to call back. She made it with 20 minutes to spare before my baby was born, and only 3 hours after labor had started. During my labor and postpartum she was always so quiet and caring and was very good at checking in on me. She calmly talked by best friend through helping me give birth and didn't bat an eye when I told her how all I wanted to be supported. And when my baby's head got a little stuck she stayed cool and composed which helped me to keep calm. I always recommend Pam to anyone looking for a homebirth.

September 2013

There are many words that come to mind when I think about Pam. She is personable, peaceful, and simply amazing. She is encouraging, patient and kind. She worked so well with us and supported us in the things that we wanted for our homebirth. She was always just a phone call away and really took her time answering any of the questions we had. Whenever any doubts would creep up about my body's ability to birth she was very reassuring and able to quickly put those fears to rest. We wanted to have a hands-off birth and that's exactly what Pam provided for us. She let my body labor naturally and quietly supported me through the whole birth process. I recommend her to anyone looking for a gentle and loving homebirth.

January 2014, July 2015, November 2016

Pam has attended my last three homebirths and there are many reasons that we continue to call on her to provide midwifery care. Pam is very educated about birth and always presents the facts and information to help calm fears. She is also very attentive and is readily available to listen to concerns, answer questions and offer suggestions all the while allowing me to be the decision maker and do what is best for our family. I would describe Pam as a joyous person who loves what she does and someone who genuinely cares for the families she serves.

When it comes to my births, I love that Pam was always willing to allow my whole family to be active participants. Even during my prenatals she gets the other children involved with listening to the heartbeat and measuring my baby bump. It's always a fun time. Pam has always been quick to respond to texts and return calls when I had questions. She prepares me so well for delivery each time that I feel that we can handle just about anything. The baby turning breech was a real worry of mine, but after talking with Pam about that and working out a plan should that situation present, I felt confident and just knew we were going to ROCK IT!

December 2017

They say every child is a different experience and that couldn't have been more true for us. My first child was born via emergency c-section due to her being breech and the doctor not willing to deliver vaginally. I spent hours trying to get her to turn. It was very stressful, which is possibly why she came 3 weeks early. When she was born, they didn't even let me hold her and the drugs made me black out until hours later. I don't even remember the first time I got to nurse or hold our daughter.

My next child I wanted to have at home and use a midwife. After the first experience, I wanted things to go completely different. However, I went into labor 5 weeks early and we ended up going to the hospital to try and stop the contractions. After doing an ultrasound, they said he looked healthy and was going to come anyway so they got me checked in and I ended up giving birth that evening. Although the experience was at a different hospital, they let me walk around and experience labor without drugs, and they let me have a VBAC, I still wished it had been at home.

Fast forward 3 years later and we were about to have our third. My husband had just accepted a new job in a city 6 hours away when I found out I was pregnant. We were moving to a new area with so many more birthing options it was overwhelming. Luckily I had had two different people refer Pam to me from my previous city. She met with me and accepted me in my second trimester. I was at a loss to my exact LMP as that was when we were selling our house and moving. Pam worked with me to make sure my baby stayed in as long as possible. We figured out the best nutrition plan for me to help my baby gain weight and stay put until full term. I honestly believe it's due to her care and expertise that our baby came 2 days before his due date instead of coming so early like the other two had!

My favorite part was after I had our baby, and Pam made sure baby and I were okay (never taking him away from me by the way). She left me alone with him to bond and heal, nurse and rest, while she cleaned and waited for us to have that precious time together. That was so unlike anything I experienced at the hospital where they just whisked the baby away. I was so shocked and I was so blessed by that time. I would recommend Pam to anyone. She has a great amount of knowledge and was super helpful and supportive during my entire pregnancy, labor, and postpartum process. She was super patient and available to answer any questions or concerns I had. I'm extremely pleased with our experience. She is a wonderful person and it was a wonderful experience. I'm thankful for the opportunity.

Caitlin & Daniel
June 2017

"In 2015, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. However the birth was not how I imagined it to be. I was cold, nervous, and stressed. I didn't feel comfortable I wanted to leave, but how can you give birth without a doctor who knows everything (insert sarcasm). My daughter was delivered via cesarean and then whisked away with daddy until I was stitched and cleaned up. It was over an hour later before I even got to hold her! Fast forward to 2017. I knew going back to that hospital was not an option. Thankfully we live in a RV and travel for work so I had so many options. Pam was recommended to me by a dear friend and I am so thankful! I had a successful VBAC and I owe much of it to the help and confidence of my husband and Pam. My husband is very on board with birth and wanted to be involved as much as possible. He even asked to deliver our first born in the operating room. He was able to be a huge part of the birth of our son. Pam believes strongly in allowing the mother (and father) to make their own, well informed, decisions about what's best for their family. She has confidence in my ability to birth my baby. We chose to give birth at her birthing center which felt much like being at home." - Caitlin

"Getting to have a natural birth was a much better experience than the hospital we used with our first child. I was able to help all I wanted and my input was much appreciated. For our future children we will be using Pam again if we are in the area." - Daniel

April 2018

My story goes back to my first. It was before I found Pam. Some things happened and I ended up with a C-section. Fast forward three years when I was referred to Pam and pestered her with many questions. During my pregnancy, labor and birth she helped me believe in myself. She helped me believe that what I was doing was possible. I was empowered. And about a year later I called her again... we were expecting.

Due to my previous experience I was much more relaxed and confident during this pregnancy. I knew I could do it! As my due date approached Pam encouraged me to stay active but well rested. At 5:00 AM when I woke up in labor I was calm and ready. After a bit of laboring we called Pam and she came right over. As I labored I was able to stay calm because of some discoveries and techniques that I learned about. Pam and my husband did an amazing job of distracting me between contractions. They walked with me and were extremely encouraging. At one point in labor we decided to check my cervix and as Pam did the check my water broke. Things really started moving after that. We ended up trying some different positions in an effort to correct some heart tone issues that the baby was having. Although it was not real comfortable for me, we found a position that the baby tolerated better. Pam stayed calm and collected and told me that she understood that it was not comfortable but that it was her job to make sure baby arrived safe and healthy and that if I wanted that we were going to have to work together. She reminded me of how amazing our bodies are and that I could do it.

Guess what?! I did it! Pam had to help with my baby's positioning to get her to come out a little bit quicker than she was coming, but both my baby girl and I are healthy and doing very well. Pam has gained even more respect from my husband and me. We think Pam helped empower us to make decisions...good, informed decisions. We thank God for bringing Pam into our lives not just as our midwife, but as our friend.

February 2016

I was working as a student midwife when I became pregnant with my daughter. I hired my preceptor to be my midwife knowing that I would receive compassionate and attentive care. I decided upon Pam as her assistant. Pam and I had worked together at several births and I knew she would be the perfect complement to my midwife.

Pam offered kind words and wonderful education at my prenatal appointments. The passion she has regarding midwifery is quite evident in the time and attention that she gives to make sure questions and concerns are thoroughly addressed. She truly cared about what I wanted and what was important to me all along the way. I consider her to be an intricate part of my prenatal care.

When it came to my labor and birth it was amazing to see how Pam worked with my midwife. Both offered moments of gentle encouragement and reassurance yet each were willing to give me that extra push when I required it. They created a calm and peaceful birth space, a place where I could feel safe and secure to allow my body to labor as it needed. There were times when I labored in solitude when my body wanted a break from those around me, and there were times that I needed emotional support. Pam was very aware of those needs and supported me accordingly. My homebirth was all I had hoped it would be and I know a lot of that has to do with having the perfect birth team for me. I just love Pam! I can't say enough about her. She is truly one of the great midwives.

March 2014

My beautiful boy was born. I still can't believe how quickly and wonderfully he came into this world. Thank you to my awesome birth team who wasted no time getting to our home, big sister who slept through it all, and the dogs for being so surprisingly quiet. And most importantly, thank you to my husband for all the love, support, and confidence he has given me through all of this.

September 2013, November 2015, November 2017

I absolutely LOVE Pam! She has helped me in some capacity with my last 3 pregnancies. She is sweet, funny, supportive, and has become a friend to me. I have come to rely on her years of experience, as I count her advice as invaluable.

In 2013, I was pregnant with my 3rd baby. I was seeing a midwife close to me, but I had a first trimester issue that was beyond this midwife's knowledge and I was sent to a doctor. Unfortunately, I was told that I was high-risk and would have to give birth in the hospital. I reluctantly agreed, but my anxiety was increasing. I had had two previous hospital births, and they were quite traumatic to me. The thought of going back to the hospital gave me quite a panic attack, something I'm not prone to normally. I wasn't convinced that it was necessary to be in the hospital, and I wasn't convinced I was high-risk, given my previous medical history. My midwife said she couldn't see me if I was high-risk, so I ended up calling Pam, who practices in Oklahoma (I'm in Texas). She sat in my living room and spoke to me for over an hour about my fears, my birth plan, my desires, and my concerns about giving birth in the hospital. She helped me to realize that my thoughts and beliefs about birth were valid. My instincts were important, and I didn't have to ignore them. Together, we came up with a plan after exploring several options. In the end, because of the distance, I did not use Pam for my birth. But I did take the advice she gave me and put it to good use, getting a second opinion from a more holistic OB/GYN who said I was absolutely NOT high risk, and released me to go back to the original midwife, who could now legally see me as a patient now that I was not considered high-risk. I beat the midwife to the birth center, 20 minutes away from me, and had my baby on the front porch unassisted, which was actually beautiful and confirmed my beliefs that my body was absolutely made for this, and all I needed were my maternal instincts. Pam is more than twice as far from me, so I'm certain I would not have made it to her birth center! At the time, my husband was very uncomfortable with a home birth, which is why Pam coming to me was not an option at the time. However, after having a baby on a front porch unassisted, and after catching his own baby, my husband changed his mind and gave me his blessing to have a home birth the next time. Although I did not use Pam as my midwife, she was instrumental in helping me to find my voice and advocate for myself and my baby.

The next time was two years later in 2015. I hired a midwife that was fairly close to me and attended home births. It was an awesome experience! However, after a couple days of painful nursing, we realized our baby had a severe lip and tongue tie. The dentist insisted that we see a lactation consultant after the revision, and my midwife suggested I go see Pam. I remembered her from two years earlier, and was delighted to go see her again. She was instrumental in helping my baby and me to develop a good and healthy breastfeeding relationship. I absolutely believe I couldn't have done it without her help. She was so patient with me. She encouraged me, supported me, cheered me on, and told me I could do it! It was hard...but she helped me see it through all the way to completion.

Two years later, in 2017, I was pregnant with my fifth baby. We used the same home birth midwife, but this time Pam was more involved during the third trimester. They often go to births together and assist one another, and I was so happy that Pam was a part of this pregnancy. I was blessed to have them both there to support me near the end. At one point we had a question about undiagnosed twins, so Pam was called in for a second opinion (it wasn't twins). Then, I had two false alarms during the last few weeks of pregnancy, and with a history of 90-minute labors, I let my midwife know immediately to try to ensure she wouldn't miss the birth. So both my midwife and Pam came out two different nights in the same week, and sat with me all night thinking this was the odd pregnancy where I was going to go into labor early, instead of waiting until 41 or 42 weeks. But I did not, in fact, give birth early. The contractions faded and the baby waited until 42 weeks to appear... as usual. The night of the birth my midwife arrived just 12 minutes prior to the birth and had Pam not been caught in traffic she would have arrived around that same time, but as it turns out she arrived just 9 minutes after the delivery.

Once again, I had a baby with a tongue and lip tie, and I needed Pam's help as a lactation consultant to get us off to a good start. This one was much harder than the last one though, and the pain I was experiencing was causing me to be very hesitant to attempt the latch-on. Just as before, she was patient with me, encouraging me the whole way. Again, I feel like I couldn't have achieved a healthy breastfeeding relationship without her.

I hope and pray that if, God-willing, we have another baby Pam will also be as involved as she has been with my last three. She is a lovely woman whom I consider a dear friend, and I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone in need of a midwife or lactation consultant.

May 2017

Pam, you were simply amazing! Being a doula for one of your clients in order to meet you was the best decision I could have made. I feel as though you provided excellent care through every stage, from pregnancy to postpartum. My questions and concerns were always addressed and you prepared me well for labor. I love your laid back attitude. You trusted that my body and my baby knew what they were doing. You were the perfect mix of encouragement and "let's do this" that I needed. Attentive when I needed you but also there were times when you left me alone as I needed and as my body labored naturally. You were my rock! I am so thankful for the birth you enabled me to have. I now have a lifetime bond with you. You will always have a special place in my heart!

October 2013, April 2017

Thank you, Pam, for being such a great support to us. Your outstanding character, patience, and kindness meant a lot. Your openness and honesty really helped as we prepared for labor. During my hard labor you were calm and confident, right there where I needed you. Thank you also for your help with latching on with nursing. It was very helpful and changed everything. I really enjoyed breastfeeding after learning that. A thing we will never forget with you is the good advice you gave us and that we share the same faith together.

January 2019

Pamela is hands down AMAZING, I can't even begin to thank her enough for the care I received during my pregnancy/labor/birth of my son.

She was there from day one, she took her time, she listened, she would answer my questions no matter what time of day or night it was, she'd listen to my fears and concerns. She did everything she could to help me have the most amazing pregnancy/birth. I would recommend her X10 to everybody & anybody! I will forever cherish this relationship, she feels like family.

March 2017

We are very pleased with our experience with you, Pam. You were there for us in every way. I love how you included my precious husband all the time throughout my pregnancy. Any questions that I had about birth were answered so well and I feel you made us ready for our first labor experience. I loved how I could always ask you any questions and it was never awkward for you or my husband. That was worth a lot. I felt you were always available to me whenever I needed you. Thank you also for taking me to the hospital when it was necessary because natural remedies we're not working in the postpartum period. Also, your help with breastfeeding was amazing and taught me to be patient and keep trying. Pam, you were great. Keep being you!

December 2014

Was Pam helpful during my labor? Yes, she was encouraging and knew how to do the little things to provide comfort like letting me lay back on her during contractions. She has a very attentive and calming nature and seemed to genuinely enjoy meeting me and my new baby.

I met Pam the day before I went into labor. That afternoon she answered all my questions, and her answers assured me that she had the knowledge and experience to handle all types of deliveries. The next morning I went into labor. I called Pam and she made it to my rural home quickly, and came prepared with all kinds of blankets and supplies. She was very attentive and made all my family and friends feel comfortable. We had a good laugh when she said I could fall asleep on the toilet if I wanted to. She was knowledgeable about natural birth techniques, newborn care and breastfeeding. Pam is a professional, smart, friendly, and strong lady, and I recommend her to anyone wanting a natural birth.

March 2015, December 2016, July 2018

The time that we spent with Pam prenatally was enjoyable. She provided a relaxed and comfortable environment and was very accommodating to our wants and needs. She was super supportive to us without judgement and was very hands off, which I like. My labors tend to be pretty short once active labor starts. Pam came and hung out with us even before the contractions became strong in anticipation of a quick progression. It was nice to spend that time with her and I'm glad that she was accommodating. Our homebirth was a great experience and everything went smoothly. When I had questions or concerns in the postpartum period Pam did a great job at addressing them. She offered up the encouragement I needed with breastfeeding and even called me out of the blue one day and offered to stop by just to check on me. I was really impressed with that. Her knowledge, commitment and relaxed personality made her a good fit as our homebirth midwife.

July 2018

Of the three different midwifery care experiences we've had, Pam was the best. Her knowledge is extensive and she cheerfully answered all of our many questions, and was not afraid to admit it if she didn't know the answer. During labor, she was attentive and aware, but gave me space. I never felt like I was incoveniencing her by asking her to come too early or stay too long waiting for the baby to decide to come. I felt very cared for, and cared about.

May 2014

As I reflect on this special event, I am reminded that with the Lord all things are totally possible. My story is a first-time home birth VBAC. When I had my first child I was quite typical. Everything I knew about birth I had learned from television. I just assumed you had a vaginal birth, and if something went wrong, a C-section was the next best option. I was determined to have a vaginal birth because I convinced that that's just how our bodies were equipped. But, my first birth ended in a C-section and it was a bad hospital experience. Looking back now, I am grateful I had a difficult time, because now I can proudly say I understand both sides of giving birth.

I became pregnant again about a year and a half later. It was at that time that I was introduced to the movie "The Business of Being Born". That movie set a fire in me and fully convinced me that my body KNEW how to give birth. At the time, my family lived in a rather rural area in the eastern part of Oklahoma. The closest GOOD hospital was more than an hour away, and I had absolutely no experience in choosing a midwife, so I googled "midwifes in my area". Pamela Brott was the closest one to me. My husband and I drove 2 hours to meet with her. We were very skeptical at first, but her experience, knowledge, honesty, faith in the Lord and assurance that God created our bodies to give birth is what sold us. Further along in my pregnancy her willingness to allow me to make decisions concerning my pregnancy and birth set a standard for my future births.

I was roughly a week and a half away from my projected "due date" when the contractions began. It was a Sunday evening when my hips and back began to ache. All I knew was I was feeling pretty uncomfortable so I had my husband push my hips together. That night I was feeling a dull pain, which made me excited to think maybe it was time! I texted Pamela late that night and she called me to listen as I went through a couple of contractions. She could tell I wasn't quite there, so she told me to make sure I tried to get some rest. I definitely couldn't sleep very well because I was so excited! Monday morning, I woke up feeling pretty tired and was having pretty consistent contractions. I was supposed to go to a baby shower that day, and needed to keep my mind off of the pain so I drove 30 minutes to the baby shower. While at the shower I had to stop and think through my contractions, but I made it!

That evening I prepared all we needed for the birth and tried to rest. At about 11pm I couldn't stand the pain so I texted Pamela and described how I was feeling. She called and listened to me again and realized I was not only in active labor, but I was probably VERY close to giving birth! I woke my husband up and he began to prepare the pool (I highly recommend a birth pool). Pamela wasn't even sure she would make it to the birth because I had waited so long to call. During her travels Pam called a couple of times to check and see how I was doing. My husband innocently kept updating her on his progress with filling the birth pool, meanwhile, I was laying on the floor in PAIN! (We laugh about that now.) Pam and her assistant arrived around 4am. They helped finish with filling the pool and I got in...INSTANT RELIEF! The pool felt wonderful. I really didn't want anyone to touch me. I just laid back in the pool and soon I was pushing. I remember saying things like, "I can't do this!" Pam responded, "You are doing it!" And when I felt the head and Pam said she could see it I yelled, "Pull it out!" Pam assured me that everything was fine and that he would rotate so that his shoulders could come. In no time at all he was out. We pulled him up out of the water and he was in my arms! I exclaimed, "I DID IT!!!" Then I turned to Pam and said, "What do I do now?" To which she simply said, "Just hold him." I held him, explored him, kissed him and just loved on him for over 30 minutes...then my husband cut his cord and the rest is history!

Giving birth at home for the first time is one of my greatest accomplishments. I was called names and told I was making a terrible decision, but the Lord used Pam to speak truth to me. She was helpful to us in so many ways. I am so grateful that I was able to overcome and to take that leap of faith. Having a home birth is such an amazing and beautiful experience. It has given me a love and appreciation and even a craving for birth.

December 2017

After finding out I was pregnant with baby number three, I knew I wanted to give birth the most organic way possible. I did what most people around this area do and I called and scheduled an appointment with a doctor. After only my second visit and talking with my doctor about my birthing plan, he let me know that he wouldn't be able to do everything I requested. This was unacceptable to me, so that same day I called Pam and set up my first appointment with her.

After meeting with Pam I knew she was the midwife for me. We both shared the same values regarding birth. She was attentive and very easy to talk with. I felt very comfortable around her and couldn't wait to share this experience with her. Knowing that I would be working with a midwife and that she would let me do things the way I wanted, I immediately felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest.

Our society is constantly focusing on horror type birth stories, but Pam always reassured me that birth is a natural thing and not an illness. She gave me the confidence and courage that I needed to prepare for my birth. Throughout my pregnancy Pam encouraged me to grow a healthy baby through good nutrition and helpful supplements. She always took the time to answer my questions and addressed any concerns I had. At each visit she would share with me something remarkable about my baby and the mother/baby connection. It was fascinating.

My beautiful daughter made her debut at 6am on December 23rd, just in time for the holidays. Her arrival was pretty quick as I labored for only four hours. During my labor I was well supported and could feel the love in the room. I was able to give into my contractions and let my body do what it was designed to do. My baby was born in the water and directly into my arms. There were no hassles, no interventions, no poking and prodding. It was just me and my baby and my closest friends and family looking on in awe. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever been a part of and the most amazing thing I've done in my life. It was exactly the euphoric feeling I wanted to have with my birth. If you are looking to have your birth your way...the birth you deserve...give Pam a call. She is nothing short of amazing and I will always have a special place in my heart for her.

December 2014, January 2017

I met Pam through a friend. We set up a date to meet up and talk. My husband was a "no go" for the homebirth idea at the time but he agreed to meet with Pam. Pam started and ended our meeting with prayer. I felt that all the convictions I had and the prayers I had been praying were answered through Pam. After having 3 hospital births, our immediate family was a little unsettled with our decision to have a homebirth with baby #4. Honestly, for a while Pam was our only support. She always spoke the truth and pointed us to Jesus. She shared some of her own experiences and guided me to work through any fears. She assured me that my body was designed for this. My previous doctors, too, had spoken a lot of fear into me, but Pam took her time and spoke the truth about birth. She was extremely informative and personal and was never in a hurry. Every topic from diet to vaccines, from preparing for labor to what certain tests and labs were, were all discussed thoroughly. She provided a very relaxed and comfortable environment yet carried herself with confidence. She was patient, never in a hurry and could easily suggest recommendations or answer our questions and concerns. She went the extra mile to meet our family's needs and was always just as excited about our new baby as we were. Our appointments became more relational and not just a prenatal appointment. Pam has become a close personal friend of our family. When the time of the birth rolled around she aided my husband (over the phone) with the delivery of our 9 pound baby boy. After that homebirth experience I seriously felt I could conquer the world! It felt amazing! My husband too gained confidence and pride, not only in his abilities as a father, but in the whole experience of homebirth. We are true believers in the whole natural approach to birth. God did an amazing work in our lives and we have been able to share that experience with those around us. I will always remember the day Pam won my husband over. We were more than blessed to be able to work with Pam again 2 years later with the birth of our 5th child. Wasting no time getting to our house Pam arrived and rested in the other room while I was in early labor. We were glad she was there for us once again. And we enjoyed another happy and healthy homebirth delivery.

Some scrolling photos courtesy of:
Gingersnap Studios and
Amanda Mendenhall